How to Promote a DeFi / Crypto Project: Top 4 Marketing Instruments

Top 4 Marketing Tools for DeFi / Crypto projects

Every crypto and DeFi enthusiast knows what difficulties he might face during blockchain project development: strict regulation, a public opinion upon the entire industry, lack of assets security. However, let’s ask ourselves a question: What stands above all of it? Uncertain future of Digital Finance? Hardly. Dependency on the Bitcoin rate? Partly yes, but recent cases show that it’s not always the main factor. Another thing came across my mind because I work a lot on the promotion of crypto and DeFi projects.

If you run an IT-startup, you need to conduct Market Analysis with multiple methodologies to engage your knowledge base and then you start the promotion: SEO, AdWords, FB advertisement, Media Campaign, and Integration. If you do that right, the project goes to the moon and beyond.

There are plenty of services and marketing/PR techniques that promote crypto and DeFi projects and work very well. I talked about it in one of my previous articles — “The Ultimate Checklist For Marketing DeFi Projects”.

But we, certainly, face some challenges: Google AdWord policy restricts advertisements of Cryptocurrency and other related materials. Yeah, you can use cloaking or alternative websites (buffers), but if Google moderators find out that you used that, your website will be blacklisted and Google Account will be banned. The same happens on Facebook. It’s an unbearable risk that a Product Owner cannot take — on the one hand you have leads, on the other a possibility to have all the accounts banned. Insane.

So what can a DeFi Project Leader do? Give up? Surely, it’s a wrong answer, because if we did not have lots of brave enthusiasts, the Blockchain world wouldn’t be as developed as it is now.

Fight to find your way to the Audience — that’s the answer. How? Let’s talk about campaigns that every crypto and DeFi project should have to bring more traffic in the situation when Google AdWords can ban your project.

PR and media campaign for crypto and DeFi projects

First of all, start with the revision of the website content and Social Media Accounts materials. It should be relevant and trustworthy.

Make sure that content describing your project on official pages is understandable both for professionals and amateurs in the industry.

Second thing is that organic articles provide a great opportunity to boost up your community. Firstly, because the media where your project is placed have very strong google indexes because of their own traffic.

So don’t be focused only on press-releases or featured articles. Be sure that the article where your project is included is really interesting to read for a big range of audiences.

Content and SMM for Crypto and DeFi projects

Content Creation on a regular basis is super important. It might sound to you like a banality, but as we all know only true things become banalities. In terms of a shorten list of available tools it’s important to gain quantity, but with no harm to the quality. Regular content release on all the project accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit and so on will affect the both indexation and community in a good way.

Targeted Advertisement for Crypto and DeFi projects

Yes, face the fact that you most of the chances are that you won’t be shaking hands with Google Advertisement Department in the foreseeable future. And moreover, it’s a poor management decision to go towards cloaking and buffer websites — you cannot measure the efficiency and you can find yourself in trouble. What makes Blockchain DeFi enthusiast a community with dignity, that we do not try to find forbidden ways, we accept the challenge and we discover new paths and investigate new tools.

Besides that, there are lots of platforms with quality traffic and what is more important — related and familiar to the DeFi industry. Banner campaigns on platforms such as Etherscan, CoinmarketCap or Dapp provide you with pretty much the same. You can adjust regions, Impr period, own design. Surely, you have to go through the verification process, but I have no doubt you can do it.

Banner ads for crypto and DeFi projects

The blockchain is about transparency. Banner campaigns on mentioned above services can provide you with transparent results. You will see the CTR, number of Impressions and GEO statistics. Impressive and promising.

Influencer marketing for Crypto and DeFi projects

This is about both visual awareness and trust.

YouTube is a modern storefront. KOL is a solution for immersing your potential client or investor into the project details, so he can feel the taste of the food. Contemporary Influencers provide multiple formats and the most profitable one is a review. Simply because the influencer dives into the Project’s platform and reveals it’s benefits to the audience.

I work with a big list of the best crypto YouTube bloggers and influencers on a daily basis and we often see really impressive results after their reviews and mentions of different projects.

YouTube crypto influencers for crypto and DeFi projects

Of course, there are much more instruments and services that can help to promote your crypto / DeFi project much effeciently. We spoke about it in the previous articles. But these are those that can help you to bring more traffic in the situation where Google AdWords can ban your project.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about DeFi or you are a DeFi/crypto project and want to know more how to promote you project, you can always contact me via Telegram (@baloyan) or LinkedIn.

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